Jeremiah McClure

Pastor Jeremiah is the Student Ministries Pastor at Amplify. He is married to his superwoman wife Jessica, who teaches and cares for their five children at home. He watched his first Tarheel game at 2 days old with his father and he hobbies in hobbies - enjoying sports, modern boardgames, reading, finding crazy food, etc... He has a desire to help families (starting with his own) grow closer to each other and Jesus!

Rebekah Cain

Rebekah Cain serves our families with children, as well as the young adults' group. She is our resident Beatles fan and 90's pop-culture junky, and she prefers her coffee...well she just wants more coffee, all the time. Rebekah has been serving in church and para-church organizations for years, and she is committed to making each week a meaningful experience for your kids.