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Amplify Kids

Your kids matter to us. Amplify's main avenue for ministry to children happens on Sunday morning during Amplify Kids, at the same time as the Adult Worship Service at 10:15. Come 15 minutes early to check in and get comfortable. The first Sunday of every month we have AMPED Kids Family Service which starts at 9:15 and is a place where kids bring their parents to learn. In this Family Service, we'll introduce the theme and bottom line the kids will be learning throughout the month in their Amplify Kids classes. We use Orange curriculum and tailor lessons to each age group. You can also download Parent Cue App to learn more about Orange. We are big on partnering with parents.

Amplify Youth

Your teen matters to us. Fusion Student Ministry sits together on Sunday morning in worship and also meets on Wednesday nights at 6:30-7:30. Our Wednesdays have food, music, and a message your teen probably needs to hear. Fun events, camps, and retreats also fill the calendar to ensure a teenager has options to learn and grow. We are big on partnering with parents.


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Young Adults

Our young adult group exists to help 18-28 year olds find meaningful community in the season of life where college, career, and "adulting" are expected. Big trips and c-group meetings give them options to connect.

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Kids Plus

For families with children who may need special attention, the thought of dropping off the kids and spending an hour in a worship service might seem daunting at best. We do our best to partner with parents of children with special needs to make worshipping with a church body something more approachable and possible. We want to be ready for you, so help us know how to make you as comfortable as possible.


We believe that humans weren't intended to do life alone. That's why we are so serious about Community Groups, or C-Groups at Amplify. They are a crucial part of your life here, and they are what will take you from casually attending a church to having a strong core group you can walk along with in this life. Get involved in a C-Group by contacting the church 


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